Fledgling Flight

And so my website has begun! This site is to be a reflection of my dreams, thoughts, fears, and my climb towards my goal as a fantasy illustrator. I often feel like I'm taking baby steps to get where I'm going, but hopefully I shall look back one day and be proud of how far I've come. My goals this summer are to finish three projects and do a lot of sketching and practicing my oil painting, which I just started to learn this past semester. Also, I am planning on weekly posts of a little mini-comic of a sorts of my new doodling obsession: a very funny character called Onion Boy (and his little dog, too!).

I was very lucky when I moved out here that I had instant companionship through my husband's friends. Yet I've been missing close female friends for the longest time. I have finally found not only friendship, but shared dreams and goals, with Nahrin. Both of us want to become fantasy illustrators, and we're going to push each other to get better and improve our skills.

A note on the name of the website and blog. I have always loved birds of prey, and considered following in the footsteps of wonderful author Mercedes Lackey and becoming a Raptor rehabillitator (with Eric's allergies, that's no longer an option). The most common character name I use in games is Raven. Ironically, shortly after arriving in Cali, Scott dubbed me NightenGail in a story he was writing. In it I was a ranger, still one of my favorite characters to play, and a healer. Although I have no healing skills that I know of and, unlike my new namesake, I cannot sing for anything, the name (which I'm quite pleased with) stayed. In honor of my husband for all his love, in honor of scott for his friendship and the cool name, and in honor of our friends and family and their support, I present nightengailart.com.