Behind on Onion Boy

So my track record isn't the greatest at the moment, since it's only week 2 and i'm behind already, but I have a good excuse: JURY DUTY! I've been in jury duty for three days this week. Yesterday I worked on painting the snow queen drawing that I used for my final project in visual tech. The face is painted, and the first colors for the background and the clothes are laid in, but the hair and the snowflake have not been touched. I also went to Storyopolis last night and saw a great exhibition of the children's book art of Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin, a husband and wife team. It was fabulous and I enjoyed talking to the artists a lot. I'll be working on a costume design a la Dugina/Dugin which I have to complete by next tuesday.

Today, I'm in Long Beach as I will be for all the remaining Friday-Sunday's this summer, helping out as needed with Eric's mom's recovery. Onion Boy has been transfered to the watercolor paper, but hasn't been inked, scanned, or colored. Stay tune for 2 Onion Boy drawings next week, and hopefully I'll actually have a full week to work on my art.

In the books Path of Fate and Path of Honor, one of my favorite lines is "We are who we pretend to be." So I pretend to be an illustrator, and thus I shall become one. (Well, with a lot of hard work, too!)