OB and general info update

Onion Boy #2 inked scanned and started coloring...should have it up tomorrow. OB 3 should be up on Thursday. I still have to finish painting the Snow Queen and work on the character sketches for Scott's comission. Also, I have to work on a tattoo commission for one of the guys at work.

The character sketch inspired by Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin looks fabulous. 50% shaded. This is one of the pieces I work on down in Long Beach over the weekends. Pencil only since I can't haul down my studio. I'll post it once I'm finished shading it. Hopefully there will be more like it to come and character creation will get easier. I pictured this one completely the night before I drew it...I even kept waking up Eric because my mind was too active and I couldn't rest well.

They finally posted the summer schedule for LAAFigArt. I'll be signing up for Glenn Vilppu's drawing class this summer. I'm so excited, because I love the way he draws and interprets the human form. And this will definitely prepare me for the two figure drawing classes next semester. I want to be able to do good quick sketches of people by next summer, because I want to keep a travel journal while in Japan. That means I need to draw a LOT more before then. And I need to practice drawing buildings as well!