Week at a glance

This week was partially successful, and partially unsuccessful. I am registered for a figure and portrait painting class with Nahrin, and that starts in a week and a half thereabouts. The teacher is Sergio Sanchez, and I really liked his artwork when I went to a gallery showing of all the teachers' works. I am excited since I haven't taken an oil painting class yet, and instead of studying still life, I get to study the figure, which I love to paint/draw (even though it frustrates me at times.) Also, we got Nahrin's new computer fixed up. Now we're both set.

Now the unsuccessful bit. I didn't get much artwork done, just some sketching, and some more shading on my Dugin inspired piece. The character is almost done, and i need to work on a background. I think the character is going to be looking out a circular window onto an interesting landscape. But I'm not positive yet. I'll try out some options. As you can also tell, no onion boy is posted. I had a fight with my scanner, and it wasn't speaking to me! Luckily, Eric fixed it shortly before we headed down to Long Beach, and I should be able to post it Tuesday!

Exciting info:
Last day of work: Sunday
Anime Expo: Monday

I know that one person from megatokyo will be there. yay! we want to support them, their art is cool. I hope I get inspired by art there, and I come home and draw another cool picture!