Back from nowhere

It's been a while since I posted. Granted, I had visitors for a week, but that was over a week ago. Scott's painting is ready to be started, my parent's painting is almost done (running slightly behind on that) and a logo I designed needs it's final touch-ups and then it'll be finished.

The summer is nearly over. In review of my summer: More successful summer than last summer; not nearly enough if I am to make a career out of freelancing. I'm going to start looking into magazine layout as an option. It's not nearly so high-end as graphic design, but there are also a LOT of graphic designers in California, and they're all competing for the flashy jobs. I've always enjoyed working on page layout in yearbook, so why not? If I can do the technical stuff, I can always use my creativity to interpret the technical end or add some pizazz to the pieces. Well. that's my career thoughts for the moment...i tend to fluctuate frequently.

Goals for semester: maintain onion boy (because i'm doing soooo good at it now) updates every week. Work on value contrast to create form in illustration. Look into internships offered at CSUN. Focus on hands and faces in figure drawing. (I've actually noticed in many illustrations, that's often the only body parts you can really covers anything else.) Create characters for an illustration project for some friends.

Time to get working on some final summer projects.