new year, new job

Rather than a new years resolution, i'm starting a new first freelance job! I am very excited and a bit nervous. This is a big project and it will be a good test of whether or not this is the right profession for me. The good thing about the job is that I have a partner to help me with the illustrations. That means half the work. The negative will be trying to smoothly integrate our drawing styles, which differ somewhat. But we do get to play up on our strengths: David is better at pen and ink and I am better at watercolor, both of which we need for this project.

Oh, the project... We are illustrating a workbook for a trauma center for sexually abused children. The workbook will be a guide to the children, showing and telling them what to expect at the center, as well as having children characters in the book that have experienced what they have experienced. It is a wonderful and meaningful project.

Time to get to work!