For whom the school bell tolls

Back to school for me, and I couldn't be happier. I have discovered that I like interaction and feedback from other students. I definitely need to start holding illustration parties or something at my house to get that interaction when I am out of school once and for all (if that will ever happen...)

The job continues very well, and we are starting phase two...color studies! look at all the pretty colors! I shall post my digital illustration of a moon I sketched out last semester and have been itching to paint for a while. I need to learn to get this type of color and form in my traditional paintings. maybe just do lots of mini-illustrations where I paint loosely...not loosely as in abstracted shapes, but in not trying to achieve perfection....who knows, I might achieve perfection better that way.

Projects for the semester: of course, the workbook, my paid job. Then the illustrations for a friend's has bug in it: fun bugs, and i've had an idea for drawing bugs for a while (I even have some really old sketches I might revisit sometime. and then there's my holiday/birthday poem that I want to illustrate. I was going to do the bug illustration in class and the holiday illustration during my apprenticeship, but I was thinking about it, and I wanted to work on pen and ink in class, which I really want to do for my holiday poem, and I'll use the more colorful acrylic paints for the bug illustration. oh, and onion boy. musn't forget him!

very busy this semester!