Yawn... Test at school

Since I have a class on Thursdays until 2:00 pm and then another class at 7:00 pm, one would think that the 5 hours between classes would be ample time to study for an exam for the latter class. One would think. Alas for me, 2 hours was enough to bore me silly. Granted, it's for Political Science, the one class that 99.99999% of Americans would avoid if they could (me included). What's worse, the teacher is great and actually makes this class INTERESTING! (but that doesn't make me want to read/study for the test any more) I made it through Chapter 1 and I made it through Chapter 2. But then I was done eating and overflowing with the free refills of tea. My smart idea: take a break and then return to Chapters 3 & 4. BAD IDEA. The break continues 2 hours later and 40 minutes before class. I've checked my email (none), i've updated myself on the one webcomic I follow regularly (megatokyo - two new posts) and I've updated myself on the new posts up on Dave Barry's Blog, resulting in me sitting in the hallway in front of class, typing away on my Mac (with wireless of course) writing this Barry-esque post on my blog (after noting that it's been 2 weeks since my last post. So I now just need to procrastinate for 37 more minutes before I can wish I had studied more for the test I don't care about. I know that's callous of me, but it's fact. I take this class because it's required of me, not because of self-interest. Self-interest was the 6-7 anthro classes I've taken in the past 5.5 years of college.

Ah well. On to more interesting things: the art!
The workbook: I've been doing the watercolor studies of the illustrations for the workbook, and find them acceptable, but not as volumetric as I would like. i've touched up one digitally and like it much better then the others. Need to finish scanning them and laying them out in the workbook, which I get to work on over the weekend.
Reinbear: I've gone through about 1/4 of my sketchbook and what seems like half of a pad of tracing paper and I MAY be able to transfer my first image to the illustration board and begin inking it next week! YAY! But at least I do have sketches in progress for some of the other panels as well. And i've started drawing Santa.
Apprenticeship: my explorations in Acrylic paint have been going well, and I'm very pleased with the portrait study i'm doing so far. A tentative project for the rest of the semester is painting a piece geared toward Spectrum.
Other personal projects: I need to get my act together and step up the pace on some of my projects so I can complete all that I wish to finish this semester, including chartering the Illustration Club.

i better pretend to study more.