New Years Resolutions

I have created two New Years Resolutions for 2007. One pertains to my personal life, one pertains to my artwork/career.

The first is to follow a budget we established a couple of months ago. While I was in school, we didn't follow the budget very well, opting for convenience and time savers over money savers. Now we HAVE to follow the budget (and the fact that we're also going to follow the South Beach Diet for Eric will probably help, since we have certain foods we shouldn't be buying.)

The second is posting every day to this blog showing something I've worked on for art/career. It doesn't have to be a finished piece by any means, but any progress is good for me. This will also help me get feedback I would normally get in a classroom setting, especially when I'm stuck on a project and don't know what to do. A new perspective is always useful.