Procrastination, Frustration...and Technical Difficulties

The posting has been nil for the past week and a half. I only have myself to blame. I have been re-reading books when I'm supposed to be doing art. oops.

I've also been frustrated with the 'facial perspective framework' that I've been learning in figure drawing on how to build a face drawing to get accurate perspective and depth. While I know the basics of the planes of the face, it frustrates me to no end, particularly when all the 'faces' look like identical androids instead of the people I'm trying to portray. I have particular difficulty with lips, since they are the most malleable and expressive portion of the face.

After ranting and procrastinating and growling in the point that my husband commented on it, I decided to step away from faces and draw some nice peaceful penguins. That helped get me back in gear. Tonight I drew some cartoon turtles and then went on to some 1-5 minute people sketches. Eric sent me information on free stock photography, so I'm using NationsIllustrated (keyword search: people) to get interesting faces/people to draw.

Unfortunately after running updates on an unrelated program, I broke Photoshop. sigh. I've been needing to rebuild my machine for a while now, so this might change my Sunday plans... Now that I'm drawing again, I'll keep drawing and scan everything and post once my programs are up and running.