Illustration Friday: Egg-spire

I'm not quite sure what he is, but because it rhymes, I'm calling him my Rhino-dino. He may be slightly inspired by How To Train Your Dragon, since we went to a show of Dreamworks production art at Art center.

I hope to get to color him this week, since i'm itching to pick up my colored pencils again, but I'm busy with the class assignment for my composition class. The class is really interesting, and I'm learning a lot, but I have a long way to go before I get really good at it. I'll definitely be retaking this class again. Once I finish up the project, I plan on posting the work, but I have more drawing to get back to. That is one of the reasons why I haven't been posting much this month. I've also decided to restart my 15 minute daily drawings, to get back into the habit of sketching regularly. You can look forward to more posts upcoming.

I really like composition class, since that is now one of my weakest elements in my work. I've gotten good at characters, but I've never been happy with not having full cinematic inspired scenes. My teacher is Will Weston and he is really interesting to listen to and an extremely knowledgeable teacher. I've already driven my husband crazy with "and the teacher said this...and the teacher said that..." But it is forcing me out of my comfort zone with my work. My drawings in the class are much stiffer and more exacting than my sketchbook work, but I think they will be like that for a while until I get more comfortable working regularly with perspective.

Update: I forgot to mention my thought process behind this drawing. the only two things I could originally think of for 'expire' were death and spoiled milk. I tried a couple of person with spoiled milk sketches and realized that even the concept was gross to me, so I stopped working on it. Last night I happened to think of egg-spire, and I knew right away what I wanted his head to look like.