Illustration Friday: Voice

He vocally expressed his displeasure at being stuck on the rock.

This is my first ipad rendering! I got a stylus and the Sketchbook Pro app for my birthday and have been toying with it during the occasional times I get to use the ipad (read: next-to-never). I actually developed the background much more then this, but I ended up not liking how I changed the river, even though I liked the rest of the background. Luckily, I saved this out at an earlier stage, so I can go back and rework from this stage. I will eventually finish this, but I have some projects that need to be completed before I come back to this. 

I created most of the bear from imagination/memory, using tricks for drawing bears that I learned from a talk by David Colman that I went to last year. When I got a little stuck with rendering the stretch and squash in the muzzle, I flipped through his book Animal Character Design: Grizzly Bears. And of course, I had to indicate my light source as a reminder to myself while I rendered things. It was very useful to help me from getting distracted in details.