New artwork: woodland nursery - meeting


I ran a survey on my facebook page to see which animals I would draw next for the Woodland Nursery series. The two favored animals were raccoon and porcupine. I had a great time creating them and was happy with their look, although I wish the porcupine's face ended up a touch cuter. i liked his face better in the original sketch. Oh well. It was also interesting trying to work out composition and placement of background images around all those spines. 

Like the others in this series, this one is a gift; unlike the others, this one is NOT for a nursery! Shocking, I know. I created this for a coworker and friend who was visiting from our India office. We had a lot of fun on our adventures together and many really good conversations. I knew from the start that I was going to give this image to her, so the characters just evolved into a...well, ...a meeting. Hence the creativity on my naming scheme. 

I chose this as my illustration friday image for sight, because while you can have a meeting without sight in this tech era, it's just so much more meaningful in person!