Perfect Pages: Up Above and Down Below

Book: Up Above and Down Below

Author/Illustrator: Paloma Valdivia

Publisher: Owlkids Books

Published: 2009; translation: 2011

I found this charming book earlier this year at a bookstore in Santa Cruz. The quirky simplicity of the illustrations and the page layout throughout the book is what appealed to me. That, and the giraffe. So naturally, the perfect pages in the book for me were when I found the giraffe again and realized he was paired with an elephant! What could be better? 

This book uses the concept of two "worlds" to show diversity--the above world and the below world. While the worlds dynamically mirror each other, they are still each unique and different--as unique and different as a giraffe and elephant. Even the placement of the typography is a mirror in a way, with text falling both above and below the central line. Rich in texture, rich in story, rich in simplicity--this is a fun read.