More ripples!


#466 (SOLD)

I had so much fun with the ripplesketches that I did two more. I did have a bit of computer trouble, so I got delayed in both scanning and posting them. In fact, I got them on the ripplesketches site before my own blog, so I already have one of them sold, #466, my farewell shrimp. Thanks Ursula!

I am amazed at the turnout in participation over at the ripplesketch blog, both from artists contributing time, creativity, and art, and from the people donating to the foundations. Over 500 pieces of artwork and over $3,000 raised so far! Our online community rocks!

Illustration Friday: Ripple

"Let Go!"

This week's Illustration Friday is a special one.

The topic "Ripple" was suggested by Kelly Light:

"This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Ripple" and I ask you to consider creating your work this week as a small 2.5" x 3.5" sketchcard. The subject should pertain somehow to the Gulf - the oil spill - the oceans and the creatures that live in it and around it."

Essentially, artists donate a small doodle/illustration, interested parties donate to one of the two organizations that Kelly has chosen, and the people who donate the money get one of the doodles. Pretty cool, huh?

I had a couple of concepts, but this is the only one I've completed so far. If I get around to another one, i'm going to try to work more scribble-y then this one. I tried working in a new way: I made my white board into a toned surface then used ink, warm gray markers, and colored pencils to create the illustration, combining my traditional style with the pen-and-marker drawings I've been doing the past two months. Oh, and of course the pretty white gel pen for popping the highlights.

"If we all do small acts together- we can cause a ripple- and it can grow. We can DO SOMETHING."

Below is my sketch page trying to figure out the concept of the fish out of water. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to render the oil puddle and strand. Hurray for gray markers!