Illustration Friday: Linked

His boredom was linked to the old adage:
The leaf is always TASTIER on the other side.

Since I haven't really posted an illustration friday in a while, I guess it was time to come back with a bang. I've been taking composition classes this semester and while perspective is freaking me out, I understand it just fine...when it is organic. This week's drawing assignment is to draw bugs! Woohoo! Unlike some of the other girls in class, I was excited about this because as long as I'm drawing bugs and they're not crawling anywhere near me, I think they are very cool.

I also found (warning: LARGE picture of eerie bug) this amazing photo of an aphid online that was taken by Bob O'Neill that, while a little on the creepy side, is a fantastic shot. I did a drawing study based on that photo yesterday, but I didn't quite capture the correct proportions of the head to the bulbous body. That being said, I also wanted to draw fun bugs in addition to practicing my perspective and drawing in the round. Thus, I created this little guy who is not very enamored with his meal.

I filled up a page in my sketchbook with the drawing and some other misses, then I cleaned it up in photoshop and tweaked the elements of the composition until I am happier with them. I want to do a final piece of this, but I want to tweak the head to get more dimension, expression, and fix the positioning of the antennae. I also need to counterbalance the left side of the composition with something on the right, but I'm not sure what yet. I think I'm going to ask my teacher in class this week.