Switzers landscape sketch comp with Karl Gnass

Even though I haven't taken any classes at the American Animation Institute for about a year, I still love taking Karl's workshops, particularly his landscape sketch comps. A day of hiking and drawing in the mountains I love. What could be better? He holds these twice a year, in April and September and I've been trying to make as many of them as possible. I think this is my 3rd or 4th trip, and I keep trying to push my skills a bit more with each trip. 

I made good progress this time with my dark colors and shadows, although as the afternoon progressed, i got messier and messier. 

I'm a published illustrator!

I have had one of my drawings/paintings printed on a book cover! This makes me a published illustrator! woohoo! 

This image was created last year at a landscape sketch workshop with Karl Gnass. (He has another landscape workshop coming up again in April). It was a detail study of a very twisty tree with interesing bark patterns and branches. 

When my coworkers saw the image, she thought it would work well for one of the cover projects she had and it got selected as the final cover. It just came back from the printer recently and it was great to see something of mine in print that I didn't get printed myself. 

For more information about the book: SAGE Publications.

Chantry Flats Landscape Drawing - part 2

I went to my second landscape drawing workshop at Chantry Flats. It was a ton of fun, and I met some artists who were new to Karl's workshops. The weather was beautiful, not as hot as it could have been this time of year. The only negative is that I got a minor sprain when I was crossing a boulder-strewn stream. Ooops. My coordination, or lack-thereof, strikes again.

I had only two pens, and a whole bunch of markers with me, so I was really focused on composition of a scene and tonal values. My favorite drawing was the last one of the day, of the fallen log in the stream. Strong focal point, strong contrast, variation of line directions. The only change I'd make is not putting the log so dead center, but that's a minor change. I felt these were much stronger than my previous Chantry Flats trip.

Chantry Flats Landscape Drawing

Went to a landscape drawing workshop yesterday at Chantry Flats, in the San Angeles mountains. It was very beautiful, with lots of water flowing, greenery, and flowers. There was a very big waterfall at the end of our hike, and lots of interesting things to look at. We were focusing on composition and while I didn't end up drawing very many things, I felt what I did draw really focused on composition and depth. I was very pleased with the result. These are three of the 4 images I did. The 4th is this cool tree that I would like to work on a bit more before posting.