Fairy Being

I love having neices and nephews because they are a great source of inspiration! My recent inspiration is a bit of 5-year-old childhood wisdom. You can't beat that!

I hand lettered everything in one go:

But then my designer's instincts got the better of me, since I felt a couple of things were off. After tweaking it and adding some color, I liked the flow and emphasis of the rework much better:

I want to make this into a printed poster, and I'm seriously considering letterpress printing, because it's something I've always wanted to do. I need to find a local letterpress shop and find out if it is a realistic investment for me. Anyone interested in posters? If so, what one/two colors would you like to see the poster printed in?

Kraft Illustrated Recipe Contest

I've been swamped the last few days! I entered the TDAC/Kraft Illustrated Recipe Contest! I am super happy with how my illustration turned out. Check out my entry on their website here.

I'm really trying to push the limits on integrating my illustration work with my lettering work. I think I made great strides with this piece, but it was a lot of trial and error. To give you an idea of all the work behind the finished piece, here's a shot of some of the sketches, lettering trials, and the seperate portions of illustration. I'm very proud of the fact that I tried to minimize my colored pencil work to the three figures.