A Wisdom of Owls

I have a new piece in the Woodland Nursery section of the Illustration Gallery. It matches the other woodland nursery illustrations in style, but it differs both in size and background texture. Also, this new image happens to be full of owls, and nothing but owls. Because it's hard to go wrong with owls. And yes, a group of owls IS called a wisdom. The interwebs told me so last night, when i was trying to name this piece.

I think i've been liking the odd shaped piece recently because I've been working on another piece for They Draw and Cook (to come soon, if I ever finish the lettering). All the TDAC layouts are very horizontal. This is roughly the same base dimensions, turned vertically. 

I like aspects of all 6 (yes, six) owls, but I think i like the pink one at the top the best. I had lots of fun coming up with different characters and color combinations.

I will be showing this piece at the upcoming Con-Volution in San Francisco, Nov 2-4. I will post my booth/table number once I have it. I am considering turning some of the owls into buttons to hand out at the convention, but I haven't decided. If I do, any requests on which owl(s) should be on the buttons? (One owl per button.)

A couple of detail shots: