February Faces Recap

February is over! I admit I am breathing a sigh of relief, because trying to figure out WHAT to draw every day while still trying to challenge yourself with things you haven't drawn before for 28 days straight is tough! Don't believe me? Try it next year with me when I do it all again. I'm just glad I chose the shortest month of the year!

This challenge was a great success for me. I have at least 3 projects that I will be developing more as a direct result of these sketches. My favorite, by far, is the crowd of animals that showed up at days 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 14! They feel like ME, they were a lot of fun and I kept wanting to draw more! There were 43 of those animals in total, so with that evolving sketch alone, I exceeded 28 faces in 28 days. I don't feel bad that some days the faces were very quick, or more graphic than drawn, or kinda sloppy. I think that adds to the project, since it's supposed to take you out of your comfort zone anyway. 

If I have to pick a fave that is NOT the menagerie of animals, I think it's the knitting squirrel on day 16. He's cool.

Well over 28 faces in 28 days!

Well over 28 faces in 28 days!

February Face 17

After countless hours of commuting and trying to figure out personalities of the backs of cars based on the proportions and shapes of their taillight and bumpers, I decided to actually draw one: mine! So I present you Mr. Prius-C. I don't have the marker here, but his tie should be bright orange.


February Faces 13

Working through possible char design for an upcoming project. It involves steampunk and dragons. 'Nuff said. :)

Hopefully, this project will fulfill 3 needs: portfolio pieces of sequential characters, something in comic-like format for Long Beach Comic Expo in May, and something geared towards SF/F for ConVolution in November. (Will add links later)


February Faces 4

Today's face is the one on the left, and I drew the right face over the weekend because our waitress had interesting features. Unfortunately, the eyes on both are a little wonky and no matter how I try to fix it, it just seems to get worse. Practicing hair as well, but I need to figure out a few more hairstyles.


Illustration Friday: Voice

He vocally expressed his displeasure at being stuck on the rock.

This is my first ipad rendering! I got a stylus and the Sketchbook Pro app for my birthday and have been toying with it during the occasional times I get to use the ipad (read: next-to-never). I actually developed the background much more then this, but I ended up not liking how I changed the river, even though I liked the rest of the background. Luckily, I saved this out at an earlier stage, so I can go back and rework from this stage. I will eventually finish this, but I have some projects that need to be completed before I come back to this. 

I created most of the bear from imagination/memory, using tricks for drawing bears that I learned from a talk by David Colman that I went to last year. When I got a little stuck with rendering the stretch and squash in the muzzle, I flipped through his book Animal Character Design: Grizzly Bears. And of course, I had to indicate my light source as a reminder to myself while I rendered things. It was very useful to help me from getting distracted in details. 

Illustration Friday: Remedy

"Choose your remedy wisely."

There actually is a story behind this one: At dinner, while trying to figure out what to draw for illustration friday, we had some almonds on the table for our salad and the package read "all natural!" Well, the hubby wanted someone to make a product that markets how UN-natural it is. So I did. For more amusement, it was suggested that the side of the label read "mild side effects include death..."

It may be darker then my usual doodles, but I guess I had a bit of quirky humor going on today. Now that I think about it, "humor" would have been a good term to add to the bottles, especially when I was running out of label ideas. It was a lot of fun to lay in the shades of gray with the markers, and I got to put my toe into the steampunk craze that is quite fun.