Sketchbook Project 2013

An exciting package came in the mail today! A blank sketchbook so I can participate in the Sketchbook Project 2013. I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years and I dared my cousin (and possibly my roommate) to participate with me. The sketchbook is not very big but that is probably for the best. Enough to fill up random moments, but not too much to distract me from larger projects (of which i'm working on 3 right now!) 

I'm not completely sure how I want to fill this sketchbook. There will be hand lettering, because I can't NOT do that these days. Most likely there will be one or two cute characters....but I shouldn't use this for brainstorming active projects I'm working on. Maybe I will use this as a good excuse to get back to something I haven't done in a while: urban sketching. Some of my favorite sketches I remember are random portions of urban scenery: a light post and signage, an archway and sign for a restaurant, etc. I'm not doing much of that right now, but I miss it.

No matter what I do, this will give me a good reason to blog more frequently in the coming months. It's been nearly a month, with nary a word from me. I must fix that.