The story of stuff

I just watched a really interesting online video about the consumer economy:

Story of Stuff

It will really make you think about your life and things you are doing well and things you (I) probably should change. It is moments like these where I wish I could work on graphic design without having to print all the disposable marketing materials.

It made me think about wanting a simpler life, and I remember watching design shows where people moved to the middle of nowhere, built their dream home and live leisurely with their focus being on family and spending time together. I always wondered why they did that and if they would be bored...then I realize that for the first week or so I probably would just want to read, read, read, but eventually I would get tired of reading and miss working on art, then I'd work on art. I think I would eventually find a balance of reading, art, family and fun that I could enjoy...Maybe I just need to go 'Under the Tuscan Sun' and get a ramshackle house that I have no clue how to fix up but enjoy the journey and the people along the way. I could see day...