Sketchcrawl 29: Los Angeles @ Home

I've been busy working on my bathroom the past two weekends. Between that, work, and classes, I'm pretty worn out. So driving to Venice Beach for Sketchcrawl didn't seem very appealing. Furthermore, I keep driving past a pumpkin patch everyday, and have been wanting to get to one to draw. I went to the Pierce College Harvest Festival and had fun drawing buildings and flags.

Chantry Flats Landscape Drawing

Went to a landscape drawing workshop yesterday at Chantry Flats, in the San Angeles mountains. It was very beautiful, with lots of water flowing, greenery, and flowers. There was a very big waterfall at the end of our hike, and lots of interesting things to look at. We were focusing on composition and while I didn't end up drawing very many things, I felt what I did draw really focused on composition and depth. I was very pleased with the result. These are three of the 4 images I did. The 4th is this cool tree that I would like to work on a bit more before posting.

Illustration Friday: Focused

Schubert was so focused on what he saw he forgot to chew his cud.

I was researching sheep at work on Friday, and I really liked how funny their faces looked, thus I drew a sheep. I guess I'm back in the swing of things with Illustration Friday, because This concept came quickly and I drew it straight onto the bristol board with minimal corrections.

I also found my water pen again, instead of the gigantic chinese watercolor brush, so I'm much happier. I can add little details to my heart's content. I thought about breaking out the colored pencils to refine a few areas, but I was happy that I kept this loose (for me) so I left it alone.

SketchCrawl 24: Grand Central Market

It was a beautiful day for the sketchcrawl this past weekend, and there was a great turnout! Almost double the number of people from last time. I told a bunch of my friends from the animation classes i'm taking and about 5 of them showed up. Grand Central Market was an interesting place I've never been to and there were so many things to look at. I was tempted to draw some of the neon signage (actually draw the shapes of the tubing, not just write out what the signs say) but instead I gravitated towards the GIANT gumball machine.

I drew more people this time, which I'm very proud of. I'm particularly fond of the janitor sketch, although I'm not quite sure what ended up in his left hand. It was supposed to be a lunch tray, but it just didn't work.

After sketching for a number of hours we headed over to the Bradbury building across the street. It had beautiful and incredibly intricate architecture and lots of stairs and ornate railings...and it scared me. I chickened out on the architecture and went back and added color to the sketch of one of the sketchcrawlers instead.

I stayed until about 6, although I was really done drawing around 4. I did do some crazy animal doodles during that time: monkeys, sheep, and then an awkward cow based on the Dana Lyons song "Cows with Guns". Darn you Steve and Lisa for introducing me to that song. I can't stop playing it....

Belated finished sketch...

It's been over 2 weeks since I finished the quick little samples of the young girl sketch that I posted last time. I should have posted them long since, but here they are now. I did a total of 4 in one night, which is quite different then my usual pace. 3 were traditional ink and watercolor (with a little color pencil thrown in) and the one with the solid green background is digital using illustrator (vector illustration, woohoo!). My favorite freehand one didn't get saved correctly, and I am not going to scan it again now. I am not 100% satisfied with the dress folds where her leg is coming forward. I liked the folds in the sketch better, but you could also SEE her legs in the sketch. I want to start taking drawing classes again, particularly classes that focus on a) heads, hands, and feet; b) fabric folds and drapery; and c) animation classes that focus on expression. I think that will help my illustrations out a lot in the long run.