New(ish) art and my first Society6 print: To the Rescue!

I've posted my very first digital piece to my portfolio gallery! I debuted this piece back in November at Con-Volution, but wasn't entirely satisfied with a few things. After shelving it for a couple of months, I brought it back out, made the needed tweaks, and it's ready for the world.

I enjoyed painting digitally, and I find that I tend to be a bit looser when I work this way. I already have my second digital piece in the works, but since it has 42 characters instead of 2, it might take a bit of time. :)

I've also decided to use this piece to launch my Society6 page. I will slowly be adding more pieces to this site so check back soon to see some of my favorite pieces appearing in the near future.

Long Beach Comic Expo preparations

LBCE is just 2 weekends away! How time flies!! The buttons have arrived, the greeting cards are ordered, and I still need to figure out what prints I'm going to be bringing.

Also, we shall see if I can get anywhere near getting my mini-story project completed in time to showcase there.

I made a sign out of painted foam core and leftover matte board from old framing projects. I sewed all the elements together with twine! The price tags are cut up bits of scraps that I test colors on when painting. I'm doing what I can to repurpose things to cut down on costs, since I have to frame at least 1 more piece of art.


New art: Gotcha!

I posted a small new piece on my illustration page. I did this piece for another coworker's nursery. It is unofficially a portrait of her two white cats, but mostly, I wanted to have fun drawing a cardboard box.

Lots of longer-term projects in the works, so my posting has been a bit slow. Never fear, because I have more nurseries to decorate. Upcoming nursery challenges will include a nautical theme and an outer space/rocket ship theme. So many nurseries, so little time!

gotcha_framed copy.jpg

Perfect Pages: Exclamation Mark

While I thoroughly enjoyed doing my first book review last month, I've been thinking for a while about a slightly different type of review, centered around the visuals of a picture book based on a single spread, the "perfect pages" of each book that capture the essence of the book. I will do my best not to include spoiler pages.

So I will start with a bang! ...or an exclamation!

Book: Exclamation Mark
Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Published: 2013

There was only one possible choice for me when I read this book. While the entire book is sheer genius in its simplicity of design and complexity of concept, I need not go further than the title page--excuse me, title SPREAD--to find my perfect pages. You can't not love an 18-inch exclamation mark! This is honed simplicity at its finest, and it is carried on through the entire book, to the very last page that you won't want to miss.

The author-illustrator duo uses a make-the-rules/break-the-rules placement of both words and pictures to ensure that the reader vividly experiences exactly what the characters experience as the story grows. This is a story teaching both punctuation and individuality in a boldly visual way. Parents can happily read it to their children knowing that it is educational as well as it is fun!


New art: Chomp!

I've added a new art to my illustration gallery. It was based on a sketch I did back in January that i particularly liked and wanted to see how much further I could push it. It ended up being a very interesting study in technique and style.

Here are the two pieces side-by-side:

original sketch

original sketch

finished illustration

finished illustration

There are definitely elements I love about them both.

Original sketch: graphicly simple. The tugboat registers very distinctly, without any excessive shading/highlighting and the monster is large, but the angle of his face makes his mouth a smile as well as a chomp, so he is friendlier from the get-go. The toned paper offers an interesting take on all the colors, and there is something interesting about the ocean having very distinct marks of color.

Finished illustration: vibrant, dynamic angle, interesting textures. I love the tentacles and I achieved my goal of distinct edges and losing edges in some parts of the sea monster. The glow in the water is very nice as well. I like the sky, but in combination with the water it is VERY blue. The candy was added as a last-minute touch after a suggestion by twitter art friend @CarlShinyama. With the new angle on the mouth, the kraken was looking too scary and this added an amusing, off-the-wall element to the picture that takes it to a new level. My least favorite part would probably be the smoke stack, which is not as boldly black as the original sketch.

Which one is your favorite?

February Faces Recap

February is over! I admit I am breathing a sigh of relief, because trying to figure out WHAT to draw every day while still trying to challenge yourself with things you haven't drawn before for 28 days straight is tough! Don't believe me? Try it next year with me when I do it all again. I'm just glad I chose the shortest month of the year!

This challenge was a great success for me. I have at least 3 projects that I will be developing more as a direct result of these sketches. My favorite, by far, is the crowd of animals that showed up at days 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 14! They feel like ME, they were a lot of fun and I kept wanting to draw more! There were 43 of those animals in total, so with that evolving sketch alone, I exceeded 28 faces in 28 days. I don't feel bad that some days the faces were very quick, or more graphic than drawn, or kinda sloppy. I think that adds to the project, since it's supposed to take you out of your comfort zone anyway. 

If I have to pick a fave that is NOT the menagerie of animals, I think it's the knitting squirrel on day 16. He's cool.

Well over 28 faces in 28 days!

Well over 28 faces in 28 days!

February faces 28

I was going to draw more animals today, but on the way to work I saw a guy I couldn't pass up the chance to draw. Black hoodie with a red hood, iPod earbuds, and lots of hair, half black, half blond. All I could see of his face was nose, mouth, chin. But even with the long hair, he had distinctly male features.


February faces 22

Update: apparently, I CAN'T count OR write. In my defense, it was early. Unedited post below.

Apparently I can count and wrote 19 twice. But I still have posted the correct number of faces.

Tried to draw a fox this morning, but instead it felt more like a bunny/deer. Started to explore head shapes then wrote down the animal each shape felt like immediately after. Got fox on the third try :)